Sunday, 24 August 2014

Sirenusas, Amalfi Coast Italy

 Sirenusas, Amalfi Coast Italy
The Sirenusas (Italian: Le Sirenuse), also known as the Gallos (Li Galli) or The Roosters are an archipelago of little islands off the Amalfi Coast of Italy between Isle of Capri and 6 km (4 mi) southwest of Positano. The name, Sirenuse, is a reference to the mythological sirens said to have lived there.

The archipelago consists of three main islands, Gallo Lungo which takes the form of a half-moon, La Castelluccia also known as Gallo dei Briganti, and nearly circular La Rotonda. Nearer the shore, there is a small fourth island, Isca, and finally, midway between Li Galli and Isca, there is a prominent rocky outcropping that juts above the water, Vetara.



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